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  • Bed and Breakfast Ai 3 Cantici Vicolo Scarea 1 Triora Telephone 339 480 0833
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    The Paradiso room dominates the first floor, the top one and enjoy a magnificent view of the valley and the mountains. In the centre of the room is located the double bed in wrought iron and sees in its internal blue as the dominating colour, an intense light blue. …

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    A long hallway which gives access to the rooms of Paradiso, on the side at the far end there is a door leading to Purgatorio, the only disconnected from the other room, almost isolated.Here we are in Purgatorio where the heavy load liliac dominates; …

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    The room with in the centre a double bed in wrought iron, located on the ground floor, with a private entrance, it sees in its internal red as the dominating colour, primordial, as quickly noticed by the human eye, long before the others colours

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